Chester Township Board of Zoning Appeals

BZA Minutes

The Board of Zoning Appeals meets on the second Monday of each month unless otherwise advertised. The Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) acts as the Township's first court of appeals for anyone seeking a variance from the Zoning Resolution. In addition to granting variances, the BZA also will rule on certain interpretations the Zoning Inspector makes in the enforcement of the Resolution. The BZA also grants special uses of the land called "Conditional Uses". The Conditional Uses are defined in the Zoning Resolution and are authorized for a period of one (1) to five (5) years. The Conditional Use must then be reviewed by the BZA at the end of that time period, before a new  permit is granted, disapproved or modified by the BZA. The BZA is made up of five township residents appointed for five year terms. The Township Trustees may, at their discretion, appoint up to two alternate members to serve as stand-ins in case a board member is unable to attend a meeting for any reason. Alternates would be required to sit in the audience to stay abreast of current cases, but would have no voice in any decision unless actually sitting on the board as a temporary active member. The BZA also has a secretary for the purpose of taking minutes and to handle administrative duties for the board.

Board of Zoning Appeals Members
Barton Ziganti, Chair
    Charles Pona, Vice-Chair    
Kathy Fadorsen
Christina Klemm
Deana Sritalapat
OPEN - Alternate
Margaret Muehling - Alternate

For more information on the Board of Zoning Appeals please see the current Chester Township Zoning Resolution under Section 12.02.0.